Welcome to the Cosmic Jester!

We create various prints, merchandise and apparel for you to enjoy!

The Cosmic Jester is a psychonautic journey into the mind of the weird, the mystical and the magical. It is the alter ego of Tim, a digital and traditional artist based in Antwerp, Belgium.

My works are often reflections of experiences outside of normal waking consciousness caused by diving into hypnagogic states. It can be highly psychedelic, visionairy, esoteric and mystical, but sometimes it is just whimsical and tongue in cheek.

I am inspired by myth, history, theology and nature. I am also inspired by the Visionairy Art movement and the matching emerging subculture caused by the resurgence of Entheogenic / Shamanic experiences.

Art is a form of magic that changes perspective. It is intertwined with human evolution on a collective and cultural level. It is a reflection of our self within a given time-period and state of mind. It has the capacity to connect the past, present and possibly the future by constantly inspiring new generations and is simultaneously co-evolving with the human species. It by-passes our limited language barriers in order to provoke insights and emotions that are hard to communicate. In essence it is a reflection of the human spirit. A window into the soul.

By letting the creative proces flow I can create a new reality, for myself and for others. By plunging into the eternal abyss I create out of the chaos and structure it into my works of art. I am just a humble vessel for the creative force to flow through and creating artwork is my form of honouring creation itself. My art is a reflection of a burning desire to undo a mass-hypnosis and in turn create a more positive, reflective and higher consciousness based perspective of reality.  All this comes from love. The joy of creating and sharing it with others, and a hope that it might stir something profound in them just as all the various inspiration stirs me.

I hope you enjoy what I offer!

Your friendly neighbourhood jester