There is a force in nature. A primary energy that is active in all things. A force that enables us to transform our awareness and open up the bands of perception. Achieving greater self-realization. Tapping into this power enables you to tap into the core of your being. Into the cosmic consciousness. Awakening the inner creative life force. To feel bliss, to heal, to explore, to learn, to open yourself, to feel love, to become humble, to become whole.

Kindle this flame until it burns and consumes you. Allow this raging holy fire to rise up all the way to your center. Attain an equilibrium between seemingly opposing forces. Bridge the impossible gaps. Cross the abyss. Let lightning strike you. Unlock yourself. Transcend yourself. Go beyond the self.
Bring back the impossible and dare to dream the world awake.

“Ong Namo Guru dev Namo” – I bow to the infinite teacher within, and open myself to the infinite source of wisdom and creativity within me.

Kerykeion. Digital, 2020