The cosmic jester on the plane of polarity ????????✨

All is mind.

The Jester plays the game of life on both sides. Laughing at the very dark side of nature, because it’s exactly what we need to grow. He might just be a part of you, challenging yourself from within.. Or he might be in the collective consciousness manipulating the unseen forces within us all and making us reach our lowest before reaching our highest.

He jests in all seriousness. He sees the cosmic giggle of his own design. The grandiose and the sublime.The divine architect giggling away in his cosmic alchemical lab. Creating pure perfection, casted in matter. Peeked his head inside and lost himself in the latter.

In all seriousness he takes up all the roles and forms. He’ll play the part by heart. The madman, the saint, the hangman, the beggar, the fool, the drifter, the wanderer, the charlatan, the monk, the poet, the writer, the artist. He stabs himself. He loves himself. He multiplies and makes wars among himself.One became two and the roles divided.

The alchemist in his lab peers through the veil. Laughing and wheeping, undecided. Is it a joke, a drama? A story to be told. An experience to be had. O little alchemist, you maker of things.

You creator, you architect and sailer of the soul. Aren’t we all just puppets on a string dancing to your tune? ????Or are we all the little architect within? For now the secrets buried in the moon.